Author of Giant, a 2013 Toronto Book Awards finalist novel, and contributor to the short story anthology Polish(ed): Poland Rooted in Canadian Fiction.

“Aga Maksimowska's Giant is a story of migration and reinvention. Chronicling the physical and emotional journey of Gosia, the adolescent protagonist, the story begins in Poland, the country of her birth. While navigating the physical awkwardness of growing faster than her peers, she is also obliged to make sense of her mother's move to Toronto to lay the foundation for a better life for the family. Maksimowka first introduces Toronto as a mythical, unknown place to which Gosia is a reluctant migrant. In the midst of her adolescent angst, Gosia must find her own place in a new country, in the new life her mother has created. Beautifully told, the novel is an honest account of the messiness of growing up, set against the complex backdrop of transplanted traditions, language and expectation.” ~ Toronto Book Awards Jury Citation

“In Giant, Aga Maksimowska has created a heroine who is bold, fiercely funny, and as unforgettable as the Polish uprising to which she is a witness. A story of emancipation so heart-breakingly hilarious, you won't know whether to laugh or cry.” ~ Helen Humphreys, author of The Reinvention of Love and Coventry

“Aga Maksimowska has an ability to show vulnerability and tenderness without the slightest bit of sentimentality. She has a shrewd and sardonic sense of humour and an impeccable sense of timing that keep her writing, even in the most painful moments, buoyant, afloat.” ~ Camilla Gibb, author of The Beauty of Humanity Movement and Sweetness in the Belly

"If you like misshapen, afflicted, uniquely insightful youthful protagonists grappling with sweeping historical change, you'll love Giant. Aga Maksimowska channeled Salman Rushdie and Günter Grass in creating this unforgettable, funny, outsized Polish Canadian girl narrator." ~ Elaine Chang, author of Reel Asian

"Aga Maksimowska is a very promising young writer with talent and a new story to tell the world." ~ Susan Swan, author of The Western Light and The Wives of Bath